Treefrogs of Africa





Frankfurt1999, hardcover, 350 pages, 265 colour photos, 7 colour drawings, 138 maps, 152 sonagrams, 274 drawings, 5 b/w photos.
Within this book Schiøtz outlines all recently noted species and subspecies of the African Treefrogs. He is engaged in these animals for more than 40 years and his adaptations – resulting from the 1970´s – of the West- and East African species are being considered as herpetologic milestones.
The present adaptation of continental Africa is diplaying the large variety of the frog´s colours for the first time on 270 colour images in a formidable way.
Furthermore the aspects and questions of the domestic keeping in terrariums is being covered.

ISBN 978-3-930612-24-6

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AuthorSCHIØTZ, A.:


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