Reptile Life in the Land of Israel





Frankfurt June 2016, hardcover, large format (21 × 29,7 cm), 494 pages, 696 colour photographs, 89 distribution maps.

Yehudah’s book is far more than the usually published field guide. The introductory part provides very detailed descriptions of the biology of the reptiles, otherwise only found in books such as Laurie Vitt’s “Herpetology”. Drawings and photographs illustrate morphological details. In addition, several hundred colour photographs show the beauty and diversity of the Israeli reptile fauna. Yehuda’s more than 70 years of enthusiasm for reptiles (he had been keeping them already as a young boy) and his deep interest in their biology led to a very unique book.


Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History, Vol. 71
ISBN 978-3-89973-104-0


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AuthorWERNER, Y.L.:


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