Programmable Paludarium Heater


  • For use in Paludariums and aquatic habitats with up to 30 gallons of water depending on size.
  • Mount on side or back wall of habitat using enclosed suction cups.
  • Keep your animals at the temperature they need in order to thrive.


  • Digital temperature display.
  • Fully submersible.
  • Auto shut off if removed from water.
  • Suction cup mounting.
  • Extra long 9.8’ (3 m) cord.
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ADJUSTABLE: Simply attach to inside wall of your tank and plug in. The Paludarium Heater can be programmed to heat the water from 68-93°F (20-34°C).

HEALTHY: Keep your fish or aquatic pets at the temperature they need to thrive. Helps prevent loss of appetite due to cold water temps.


Product Options

Item Number: PH-25E
Wattage: 25 Watt
Size: Up to 7 Gallons of Water
Item Number: PH-50E
Wattage: 50 Watt
Size: Up to 15Gallons of Water
Item Number: PH-100E
Wattage: 100 Watt
Size: Up to 30 Gallons of Water

Additional information

Wattage / Size

25 Watts / Up to 26.5 lt (7 Gallons) of Water, 50 Watts / Up to 56.7 lt (15 Gallons) of Water, 100 Watts / Up to 113.5 lt (30 Gallons) of Water


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