Natural Sunlight Lamp


2% UV-B content to support natural reptile colour vision.

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Simulates the full UV spectrum of natural sunlight

A full spectrum fluorescent lamp designed to simulate, as closely as possible, the spectrum of natural sunlight including UVA and low levels of UVB.

  • High light output
  • 2.4% UVB
  • 10% UVA
  • Produces excellent natural colours
UV-B 2.4%
UV-A 10%
Kelvin 5800K
Diameter Ø16mm

T5 reptile lamps are useful for use in shallow enclosures and for those shade dwelling species and along with the use of the right reflector can produce a perfect environment for your pet reptile or Amphibian.

Designed to give a warm natural balance and excellent colour rendition with an optimum light output and a colour temperature close to that of natural sunlight at 5,600K.

The natural sunlight lamp can be used to recreate natural sunlight in small environments for shade dwelling animals. These animals will benefit from UVA exposure, this wavelength can affect the way that they view the world and for some species the inclusion of UVB will enable the D3 cycle, recreating crepuscular behaviour.

Use as a supplemental light source in large enclosures to increase the quantity and quality of the light. Or use for species with low UVB requirements such as ground geckos, some amphibians, spiders, scorpions, stick insects and others that require partial shade in the wild.

Colour Spectral Chart

Wavelength nm

T5 Fluorescent Lamp – Diameter Ø16mm

Code Watt Length
RFSU08 8W 300mm / 12″


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