Not all terrarium conditions allow live plants to grow or thrive. Some areas are too hot or even too dry for live plants, whereas others might require different lighting requirements, or simply can be eaten by our reptiles putting their health at risk! Zoomed allows you to create your own jungle as your reptile will never know the difference. Zoomed’s Natural Bush™ Plants provide hiding and resting places for all types of reptiles and amphibians. All products are easy to clean and maintain as they are also durable in time and any condition.

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Mexican Phyllo
BU-10 BU-20 BU-30
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Amazonian Phyllo
BU-11 BU-21 BU-31
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Congo Ivy
BU-12 BU-22 BU-32
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Malaysian Fern
BU-13 BU-23 BU-33
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Australian Maple
BU-14 BU-24 BU-34
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Bolivian Croton
BU-15 BU-25 BU-35
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
BU-16 BU-26 BU-36
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Borneo Star
BU-17 BU-27 BU-37
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
BU-18 BU-28 BU-38
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)
Madagaskar Bamboo
BU-19 BU-29 BU-39
Small (36cm) Medium (46cm) Large (56cm)

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Size / Dimensions

Mexican Phyllo Small / 36cm, Mexican Phyllo Medium / 46cm, Mexican Phyllo Large / 56cm, Amazonian Phyllo Small / 36cm, Amazonian Phyllo Medium / 46cm, Amazonian Phyllo Large / 56cm, Congo Ivy Small / 36cm, Congo Ivy Medium / 46cm, Congo Ivy Large / 56cm, Malaysian Fern Small / 36cm, Malaysian Fern Medium / 46cm, Malaysian Fern Large / 56cm, Australian Maple Small / 36cm, Australian Maple Medium / 46cm, Australian Maple Large / 56cm, Bolivian Croton Small / 36cm, Bolivian Croton Medium / 46cm, Bolivian Croton Large / 56cm, Cannabis Small / 36cm, Cannabis Medium / 46cm, Cannabis Large / 56cm, Borneo Star Small / 36cm, Borneo Star Medium / 46cm, Borneo Star Large / 56cm, Cashuarina Small / 36cm, Cashuarina Medium / 46cm, Cashuarina Large / 56cm, Madagascar Bamboo Small / 36cm, Madagascar Bamboo Medium / 46cm, Madagascar Bamboo Large / 56cm


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