Habistat Heat Strip


– Narrower than a standard heat mat
– Can be used to heat small enclosures
– Produces ultra long wavelength infra red heat
– A suitable thermostat must be used

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Habistat Heat Strips are manufactured in the same way as mats.

They are made narrower and are generally used to heat small boxes and the cages used for housing juvenile snakes and some other species.

The principles of use are the same as those for mats and the same precautions should be exercised. In small enclosures the heat build up can be very quick.

The temperature should be adequately monitored and controlled with a suitable thermostat.

Available in a variety of sizes.

Please click here to download instructions.

Additional information

Length x Width

43 x 15 cm (17 x 6"), 59 x 15 cm (23 x 6"), 89 x 15 cm (35 x 6"), 120 x 15 cm (47 x 6")


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