HabiStat Black Magic Ceramic Heater, 60 Watts


– Effective ceramic heater
– Modern stylish look

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HabiStat Black Magic Ceramic Heater supercedes Pearlco ceramic heaters which are no longer manufactured.

Very effective heaters for medium to larger cages with higher temperature requirments.

Precautions. Ceramic heaters operate at very high surface temperatures so caution should be exercised. Guard the heater from direct contact by both you and your animals. Use a heater of the correct Wattsage for the size of cage and the temperature required. A HabiStat pulse proportional thermostat is the recommended controller for this heater.

Available in four Wattsages:
60 Watts, 100 Watts, 150 Watts and 250 Watts

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60 Watts, 100 Watts, 150 Watts, 250 Watts


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