Eryx colubrinus (Kenyan Sand Boa)


  • Eryx colubrinus
  • Captive Bred Babies
  • Approximate Length: 4 To 6 Inches
  • Beautiful Orange Splotching Stands Out Against The Muted Sand Tones!
  • Very Hearty Animals That Are Friendly And Can Be Handled Often!
  • Feeding On Frozen/thawed Fuzzy Mice
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  • Naturally Occurring Out Of Adrica Mainly Out Of Kenya And Its Neighboring Countries
  • Adults When Reached Sexual Maturity Can Be 3 Feet In Length
  • This Species Can Live Up To 10 Years In Captivity
  • The Kenyan Sand Boa Has Been Known To Kill Small Prey By Dragging It Under The Sand To Suffocate It
  • When They Are Born They Don’t Lay Eggs They Are Alive And Fully Developed Inside The Stomach Of The Mother
  • Having 4-20 Babies At A Time

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Hatchling, Yearling, Sub-adult, Adult


Male (1.0), Female (0.1), Unspecified (0.0.1)


Albino, Anery, Wildtype


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