Compact Series (HTCS120)


The HTCS120 model is prefect for housing large size terrestrial reptiles. It’s the ultimate breeder cage for boas constrictors, blood pythons, and most of the medium large non arboreal boids. It’s also a great solution to house small or medium tortoises
The dimensions and proportions are chosen to give reptiles optimum living space
With its special design you can use light on the back without any risk of burning your animals. The 45° angle for the light give the maximum brightness inside the terrarium. Save a lot of space by stacking this “compact” cages. The front part have a special design to allow good vision and access to the animals.

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Herptek Terrariums are designed by reptile professionals for the needs of all serious reptile keepers. With Herptek’s terrariums you can create facilities which are :
Ease to clean

Key points :

Moulded in one piece in high density polyethylene and UV resistant
Easy to clean with round corners
Resistant to urine and disinfectants
Totally waterproof
Shocks resistant
Lacquered aluminium grooves for the 6mm glass sliding doors
Double doors
Aluminium netting for ventilation
Protected place for heat lamps
Protected place for lighting
Stackable without racks or shelves


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