Amphibians and Reptiles of the Seribuat Archipelago (Peninsular Malaysia) – A Field Guide





Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History, Vol. 50

Frankfurt2011, hardcover, 239 pages, 218 colour photographs, 2 maps. Taxonomic keys, descriptions, and colour photographs make the identification of every species in the Seribuat Archipelago easy for both the untrained naturalist and scientist alike. Sections on each species´ natural history and distribution provide users with a means on how to find and observe species they find interesting. The distribution section is cross-indexed to an island checklist for every species on every island in the archipelago. Additionally, the archipelago’s geological history is discussed and detailed descriptions of the islands are supplemented with color photographs of the varied habitats they comprise.

ISBN 978-3-89973-482-9

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AuthorGRISMER, L.L.:


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